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The Clinical Assessment Form is only completed for persons using their medical insurance who can demonstrate medically necessary symptoms that need to be addressed in counseling. If you are interested in couples counseling or family counseling, please simply mark N/A in the forms and my services will be fee for service ($135.00 per session) as insurance companies do not pay for couples counseling.

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Fees and Cancellation: The fee for each session is $125.00 and is paid at the time of the visit. Once an appointment is established, you are responsible for the time you have reserved. If you need to reschedule, you may do so without paying for the session if the rescheduled time is within that week. If you provide 24 hour notice no charge will be assessed to your account. If you do not provide 24 hour notice a charge of $125.00 will be assessed to your account because you purchased the time. This allows Dr. Semon the opportunity to make the time available to other clients who may be attempting to schedule. You acknowledge and authorize me to bill your credit card or debit card for missed appointment times.
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Confidentiality: Privileged Communication is any communication between a client and Dr. Semon, given in confidence and not intended to be disclosed to a third party other than those to whom disclosure is made in the furtherance of providing professional services to the client. Confidentiality does not include: Child abuse of any kind; Threat of physical harm to yourself or another person; a Court Order may result in release of records and/or testimony; When conducting marriage or family counseling, information is not kept from the other spouse or family members in the course of counseling.
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